Character sheet in Google docs.

Breas 2 forms she favours and shifts slightly to human features.

Natural form: Small of stature with Red hair normally wavy either braided or tied back, green eyes and a sassy mouth which normally causes trouble. She has a long tail thin and normally it’s concealed. She does NOT like anyone touching her tail. Hrt ears are short and pointed and have black tips. Her hands are human looking but with longer nails (claw like). She is unable to fight with my claws but they do hurt. She has fur, very short and fine and a dark red colour however there is none on the palms of her hands or soles of her feet. Her face is a cross between a cat and human with no whiskers.

Human form: Small, almost looks like a child. White blond straight hair with green eyes. No tail or ears. Quiet and thoughtful looking. She uses this form generally while frightened or when she is in cities. She does not wish anyone to recognise her.



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