For such a skilled artificer, Effigy is surprisingly dispassionate, about everything.

BASE 12 14 16 17 11 13
BONUS 0 0 2 0 0 1
PENALTY 0 0 0 0 2 2
ENHANCEMENT 0 0 2 0 0 1
TOTAL 12 14 14 17 13 14

AC : 20

3 5 6

Aeons ago, A great house of mages and artificers created an army of constructs, but unlike the golems that had gone before, these “warforged” were given sentience. As one of the warforged, Effigy was built as a battlefield supply manufacturer, trained in the arts of smithery, both mundane and magical, as well as alchemy it is able to craft a wide range of powerful equipment.

The crafting of warforged is an arcane art that few are capable of, and when effigy was “born”, he was… wrong… the binding of the magical sentience to the physical form, bound a second mind to the body of Effigy, When Effigy is weakened, disabled or deactivated for repair the other comes out to play.
Calling itself “Midnight”, it is a heartless soul, although not evil per se, it’s happy to test alchemical explosions in the nearest building, whether it be an empty shell, or an orphanage. It has more of a “human” personality than Effigy but due to the separation of personalities, is less skilled. Effigy is unaware of midnight, whereas Midnight is all too aware of Effigy and harbours an intense dislike of his counterpart.

After the war, warforged were emancipated, given complete personhood and allowed to go free, though many remained in servitude, unable to integrate into civillian life, Effigy was one of these.
He remained in the service of of it’s creator until the master became jealous of its abilities.

He was swiftly sold to some orc slavers, and was dragged down into the depths of the underdark.

Although ostensibly male, effigy uses the pronoun “it” when talking self-referentially and “this unit” when describing personal characteristics and traits “This unit’s designation is Effigy”, “this unit has an adamantite body” and so on and so forth.


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