Ghorus Toth

An aging human wizard, making a living whilst trying to figure out how to get back to the surface.


Ghorus Toth

Not the best groomed of wizards, Toth is rather more rugged than most. He’s had to be, surviving down here for all these years.

He is pragmatic, somewhat defensive and a shrewd businessman.


Ghorus Toth is a lost wizard. He apparently ended up in the underdark with his daughter, Aleena, many years ago. Having discovered the portal here, he is currently trying to figure out if it can be activated from this side to get back to the surface.

In the meantime, he funds his research and keeps himself better than most lost surface dwellers, by trading in good, components, secrets and jobs.

He is holed up in a series of rooms off a well trapped corridor from the portal ledge in the Cave of Walking Bacon.

Ghorus Toth

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