Deeper and Deeper

To Abylon and Beyond
Venturing forth to find who knows what

Ghorus Toth had a business proposal for our heroes.

It seems that a while back, he engaged the services of a Stoneborn brother and sister, named Kadaadi and Nazuha, to follow a lead he had uncovered regarding a rare copy of Klissgond’s Guide to Portals, including the appendix on reverse engineering one way portals. Unfortunately, on the way back from the Well of Winds, his companions bushwhacked him and made off with the book.
Toth wants the book, or information that will lead to it. Failing that, he wants an example made of the two Stoneborn.
He recommends the party head to the cavern/village of Abylon, and ask for Ashdasug Slim

To Abylon

Provisioned and prepared, our heroes set off to Abylon, heeding the warnings of Grimlocks, and avoiding any direct confrontation with the revolting, eyeless, foul smelling little thugs.

The same could not be said for the revolting, foul smelling, psionic rat things that tried to nibble them to death when they were camped. Combat ensued, and our rodent banes extraordinaire laid waste to their would be devourers.

About half a day from Abylon, the party exercised extreme racial prejudice and bushwhacked a Duergar trading party, slaughtering them to the last and stealing their goods and their draught pigs. Good time, good times.

At Abylon

Whilst making their way through the cavern to the village, the heroes encountered some Drow mercenaries. Only quick, and foul mouthed, action from Squee prevented Anaris from fighting them there and then. But they hinted that he, and his friends, had best be careful, as they laugghinly and mockingly wandered off.

At the Bodyguard’s Flask, the looted loot was sold to Aalo & Screm, and the party arranged to meet the landlord, Ashdasug Slim, on the other side of the cavern for an exchange of money for information. Slim turned up with guards, just in case, and at least pretended to buy the party’s story about being old friends of Kadaadi and Nazuha. He gave directions to their hide out, took a promise of payment and a pig as collateral, and went back off again.

With an idea of where they needed to be, the party set off north.

Leaving Abylon

Not too far on their way, some short time later, the Drow mercenaries attacked the party, splitting them up and causing some hurt, before they fell before superior numbers and the righteousness of the pure of hart. And Effigy/Midnight/Psychobot.

Having helpfully deprived the corpses of anything that might attract thieves, on they all went, along the River of Sexy Boy Fish, where they heard Tales from the Beginning of Time, and even from yesterday, too.

Locating the Stoneborn’s lair, they prepped for trouble, and went on in.

Wishing they were still in Abylon

Navigating past traps, and into the donut shaped cave, our heroes were soon subjected to the shoot and run defensive tactics of Nazuha, who lured them deeper and deeper into the lair. Finally, they confronted her brother, a Tiefling woman and an Azer, and no one was in the mood for talking first.

Seeing the carnage being unleashed, especially on Nazuha, the Tielfling ran, using Darkness to escape.

Flames, Bacon and NOT an Albino Drow
On the run, needing to go to ground, and baiting the bacon

Awakening in a cave a good few miles from where they started, with one day of food (but no problems conjuring water), our brave escapees take stock of their looted gear, dividing it up on the basis of who can best use what.

With the resources allocated, and a half ration devoured, they set off to… well, to somewhere! Braes and Milo remember a large, well traveled tunnel they passed through during the escape, and think they know how to get back there, so off the party goes, down a famously wrong turning, to come face to blob with a fire ooze.

The fire ooze takes up the whole tunnel floor as it slimes its fiery way towards them. Weapons prove largely ineffective against it, but water is a different matter. While Braes and Moonie lay down pools to box it in, Squee attacks it with his own (very personal) water. The decision is quickly reached not to take it on, but to use the opportunity given by the pools of (now steaming, and defiled) water to escape.

Finally hitting the main tunnel, Thwee stops to converse with a stone mole, getting the useful information that a group of humanoids (but not Duergar) passed by some hours ago. After getting the needed intelligence, Thwee ignores the stone mole’s pleas, and eats it.

Heading further down the tunnel, there are signs of a skirmish. There are some broken pieces of weaponry and a severed finger that does not belong to any species anyone recognises.

And shortly after that, the tunnel opens to a ledge, overlooking a huge cavern, lit by glowing mushrooms. Mushrooms the size of small trees grow here, and between them frolic happy deep boars, content in their field of mushrooms. The party, true to form, decides that one of them must die.

With everyone in position, Squee sets himself up as the bait, luring one of the pigs away from the others. Thwee jumps it with his daggers, Effigy and Twee open up with crossbows, Big Zam hurls an axe and Milo flying kicks it in the spine, snapping it just as it is about to gore Squee to death.

Zam gets to work butchering it as the party makes camp and gets a better look around…

Many miles above, Anaris, a fearless Elven paladin, is tracking a heinous goblin through some ancient Elven ruins. One wrong step through a strangely intact archway and his world is sent spinning through a silvery void…

… and out through a closed archway on another ledge overlooking the Cave of Walking Bacon.

After a stand off between the armoured and armed paladin, and the not-exactly-evil-but-sometimes-only-just party members, Anaris is invited to join for food, and tales of his life as an albino Drow. Insisting he is no such thing, he joins them for a meal anyway.

Milo and Effigy set off exploring the ledge where Anaris arrived and encounter a magic mouth, warning them not to take the right hand tunnel, lest they face the wrath of Ghorus Toth. Taking the other tunnel, they stumble into an alarmed pit trap.

The rest of the party comes running, Twee spotting someone in the other tunnel… someone who opens up with lightning, barely missing them. With careful maneuvering, the party captures Aleena Toth, and negotiates a truce with her father, Ghorus Toth.

The wizard allows them into his home/lab/trading post, where they barter for gear and supplies. He promises them some lucrative work in the morning, and with Effigy working his alchemy, they settle down for the night.

Our Story Begins
Meetings and Doings that lead to Escaping

The story begins with our surface dwellers, Milo, Braes, and Effigy, as part of a consignment of slaves being shipped underground, marched through endless dark corridors by Grimmish Dinobrax and his slaving company.

Finding the way to their Drow trading partners blocked by a cave-in, Dinobrax is about to cut his losses and indulge himself with the merchandise, when his assistant, Squiggle, mentions a path he knows to a Duergar outpost, not too far from here. Taking this route, the slaver party is led through the outpost’s defenses and does a brisk business. The three named heroes are thrown into slave cave three, where they make the acquaintance of the Svirfneblin siblings and Big Zam, the cave’s “mother”, for want of a better word.

Of course, not all meetings are pleasant, as Lom and Urkmak make only too clear.

The days are spent on the mine face, after the morning feeding of the Otyugh.

The nights have Moonie applying first aid, Zam showing the newcomers how to mine more effectively to avoid the beatings from the guards, and plans of escape. Effigy crafts stone weapons, and Moonie shares her cakes, as the underdwellers and surface dwellers forge their initial bonds of friendship.

During the all too brief nights, distant, rhythmic tunneling is heard, getting closer, but slowly. Twee realises it will hit the mine face sometime the next day, and their escape plans shift from meticulous to opportunistic.

Making plenty of noise to disguise the approaching whatever it is, the party times it to perfection, with Twee, Squee and Braes slipping their bonds as the four bladed Stone Eviscerator bursts out of the mine face, on a mission to kill Duergar. It takes out several of the miner/warriors, and heads off in pursuit of Lom and Urkmak, who collapse the entrance to the cave in an attempt to delay it.

With pit boss Brug Badshield having been blinded by Svirfneblin magic, he is taken down, though Effigy, Zam and Milo are badly hurt.

Pausing only to loot anything that isn’t tied down, they charge off through the Eviscerator’s tunnel, running until their legs feel like jelly and their lungs are on fire.

Finally, they camp down in a small cave, several miles from the outpost. At least there is water here, and they former captors certainly have other things to worry about in the short term…

But what next for them? In the short term, they will need food, gear, allies and who knows what else, if they are to survive and tell their story.

Tales from Deeper and Deeper Down
A blog for your perusal

Everyone is free to post their versions of what happened on the wiki. The more accounts, the richer the story.


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