Tag: ally


  • Big Zam

    His size and stamina have kept him going, seeing many new cavemates come and go over the years. Remarkably friendly and good natured for his race, he does what he can to get them up to speed on what it takes to survive.

  • Aleena Toth

    Toth's daughter was with him when the accident that brought him here happened. He has raised and trained her as best he can down here. Getting her back to the life he feels she deserves is a major part of his motivation.

  • Ghorus Toth

    Ghorus Toth is a lost wizard. He apparently ended up in the underdark with his daughter, [[:aleena-toth | Aleena]], many years ago. Having discovered the portal here, he is currently trying to figure out if it can be activated from this side to get back …