Tag: fighter


  • Big Zam

    His size and stamina have kept him going, seeing many new cavemates come and go over the years. Remarkably friendly and good natured for his race, he does what he can to get them up to speed on what it takes to survive.

  • Lom and Urkmak

    These nasty, cruel and violent brothers are the guards on slave cave 3. They use their whips and clubs to keep the prisoners in line, and love to tease them by almost pulling the ceiling collapse rope, both in the cave and when gently encouraging their …

  • Brug Badshield

    Broad shouldered, scar faced and greedy, even for a Duergar, Brug rules the slave shafts with an iron fist and a pain enchanted blade. Always seeing for ways to maximise his returns, he has conducted a serious academic study on the optimum workload to …

  • Overseer

    He cares only about profit. If it makes money to work a slave to death in three weeks, he will do that, without a moment's remorse. He has recently, very recently, started trading with [[Dinborax Labour Solutions]].